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Sunil Goyal

Eastern Bearing Private Limited

Eastern Bearings Private Limited.

Eastern Bearings has evolved through several phases and has its roots since 1990.

Today ARB Eastern Bearings has not only dominated the Indian rolling industries but has targeted the global market and other verticals and is becoming formidable global competitor.

Our strong belief to move ahead in competition is to ameliorate the standard of manufacturing processes and to continuously work in the pursuit of quality at competitive prices.”

Over the years, the company has witnessed tremendous growth and development. Its annual growth rate of 40% speaks volumes about how far ARB has come from where they had begun. 

A significant contributing factor in the growth rate of ARB Eastern Bearings has been its strong connections and consistent interaction with prominent dealers, distributors and OEMs from all over India.

Our Mission

• To establish an international benchmark in quality, innovation, environmentally friendly and competitive organization, specialized in complete bearings-based solutions.

• To become the true leaders in the bearing industry by offering quality products at a competitive cost.

• Continual improvement and up-gradation in the workforce and machinery by providing in-house awareness through training programs & workshops.

• To be a pacesetter for times ahead & the most preferred choice nationwide & globally.

• We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled value and innovation all around the world.

Our Vision

To be a true leader in the bearing industry by expanding into more automotive and industrial markets and enabling everyone to be eligible for our services.

• Offer bearing industry with superior products & services by building up value for our customers, our business, as well as our employees and adopting Principles of Excellence that provides an effective corporate governance framework.

Contribute and participate in the task of nation-building, use environmentally safe materials and designs, and to make India forward to the rank of “Most Industrialized Nation in the 21st century”.

We to try hard to conduct our business affairs with the highest ethical standards and work diligently to be a respected corporate citizen worldwide.

Continuous and unchanged upgrade our knowledge, skills, and work processes leading to a greater relationship with our customers, suppliers, and community at large. And by expanding into more automotive and industrial markets.




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